Friday, May 3, 2019

Relationship between EU and Ukraine Research Paper

Relationship between EU and Ukraine - Research Paper ExampleThe Ukraine political system which does non encourage democracy skill also view been a hindering factor to the good relationship between the EU and Ukraine. near people also believe that the relationship between Russia and Ukraine would have also contributed to this hardship. Russia has been long known to have a poor relationship with Ukraine.The preparation of Ukraine to accession into the EU began in the family 2012 in Brussels. However, by November the same year, the twenty seven governments under the European Union and the European parliament had not sign-language(a) the agreement. This was a result of the poor relationship between the EU and Ukraine because of the way the former prime parson of Ukraine, YuliaTymoshenko was treated and sentenced. The European Union and a section of its member states, Germany being the most notable, had resulted to putting more or less pressure on the then president of Ukraine, Vi ktor Yanukovich to stop the sentencing of the former prime minister because of her poor wellness status (Movchan and Shportyuk 12). Despite there being a number of meetings that had been organized between the EU and the Ukraine government, the EU leaders had snubbed some of these meetings.The relationship between Ukraine and the EU only got worse after this. In the year 2012, the EU leaders snubbed the 2012 UEFA Euro championships after being requested to do so by Ukraines enemy leaders. The EU leaders asserted that there would be no signing of the Association Agreement if Ukraine did not attend to the concerns about democracy in their political system.

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