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A real hero Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A corpo sincere zep - adjudicate ExampleThese superheroes joined forces (Moore & Gibbons chapter 13) after the death of Edward Blake. In accordance to my opinion, I believe that atomic number 101 Manhattan qualifies as the real hero in the comic book as evidenced from being evince as the main character in the story, he is close to perfection plus he is non a garment hero. recompense Manhattan is expressed as the main character in the story. Moore and Gibbons (chapter 3 5) severalize Doctor Manhattan as the character on which other superheroes rely on. Born as normal compassionate beings, but later transformed to a superhero after an accident while conducting a nuclear physics experiment, Doctor Manhattan acquired divinity fudge-like powers, telekinesis power, superhuman strength, teleportation ability, and control over matter existing at subatomic level. He also has the ability to perceive the present, past and future ... particles which travel backward through what... *yo u* perceive as time... therefore obscuring my vision of the present(Moore & Gibbons chapter 3 7). Not any superhero mentioned in the comic book surpassed the powers which Doctor Manhattan possessed hence remaining as the true hero. Among all others superheroes, it is only Doctor Manhattan that is perceived as a close to perfection creation (Moore & Gibbons chapter 4 6). ... He acts as the leader of the superheroes as he possesses an ability that can only be equated to a god (Moore & Gibbons chapter 48). Lauri, Nite Owl, Rorschach, and Veidt are not real heroes as they had powers, but did not surpass that of Doctor Manhattan. In addition, these superheroes usually followed orders from Doctor Manhattan on what to do since they were dependent on his intellect abilities to make decisions on what to do. Doctor Manhattan was a real hero since he was not a garb hero like the rest of the superheroes like Dan, Laurie and Rorschach. In the comic, other costumed heroes become disturbed when D octor Manhattan gets picked up by the United States army and kept as the supreme weapon in case of attack. In addition, he is dubbed as a real super hero making the costumed superheroes more worried of what might become of them (Moore & Gibbons chapter 49). Hence, the costumed superheroes more so depended on Doctor Manhattan a lot to make sound decisions. It is via Doctors Manhattan intelligence that the multitude is able to build sophisticated weapons that they could use in fighting their enemies. The costumed superheroes also took advantage of these. In summary, Doctor Manhattan is a real superhero in the comic book as evidenced from his depiction as a main character of which the story is dependent on him. In addition, he is a real hero since he is equated to a perfect being in the sense that he is equated to a god and could not be killed easily like the rest of the superheroes who expressed various weaknesses. Furthermore, Doctor Manhattan is depicted in the comic book as a rea l hero as evidenced from him being taken by the U.S government army to help them in the fight of their enemies. This did not happen to the other costumed superheroes and at

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