Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Human hibernation for space travel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human hibernation for infinite travel - Essay ExampleHibernation or winter quietus is the condition normally found in animals. Under this condition, there is a reduced heart rate with significant drop in the trunk temperature and metabolism. In case of mammals the body temperature reaches 2-4?C above the freezing point, while the organism consumes little type O as low as 2% of normal rates. Under such conditions an animal could stay without impulsion or food and does not require much energy (Long term space travel). The phenomenon could be secondhand for humans when they travel interstellar distances. During this surgical operation activities like parks, plants, hospitals are negligible and individual is required to sleep with the onset of journey and then steady state is maintained with a slow supply of overbold air and low temperature constantly till the end of the journey. This is less energy consuming process as compared to daily routine activities (Long term space travel) . In a study at North Carolina University geneticists go for revealed the presence of genes capable of producing enzymes critical for hibernation. The presence of such genes is reported in humans. They are responsible for answerableness of energy conservation process of body. Of these two genes, the first is capable of producing an enzyme that can breakdown their fat deposits to convey energy. On the other hand the second hibernation gene is concerned with conservation of glucose supply to the body. The conservation process takes care to supply required energy to central nervous system for the sustainability of life.

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