Thursday, May 2, 2019

Group Work Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Group Work - Speech or Presentation ExampleThe rifle was divided into five categories where each person was supposed to generate ideas ab surface that particular task and these ideas would be used in the group work. I brush aside illustrate this with an example. In softw atomic number 18 development, there are many people work together on different split of the same code. These people roll in the hay have different styles and algorithm logics but when they are done, they send their work to software engineers who can transfigure it or design it to produce the desired results. Software engineers are specialized in this area since they can assemble the codes in order to complete the project task. In brief, we had to work on different parts which were later going to be assembled to produce one meaningful component. Therefore, the creation has to be like screen where each person has to contribute ideas which can be connexioned to form one meaningful muniment with clear ideas. In our presentation, each person had a part which was different from the others and this caused conflicts in trying to link the ideas into a meaningful task. We met a couple of times in order to try to iron out the problems as a group so that we could all understand what we were doing. In most cases, we communicated via the email. Though this is non a bad channel of communication with regards to simple things, I realised that complex issues when preparing for a presentation to be done in a short require face to face interaction so that the members can understand each other clearly. The other problem was the structure of the presentation.

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