Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Suicide Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Suicide - Assignment Example However, there are many scientifically acceptable means of addressing emotional tribulations without ending life. For example, counseling, strong familial relations, engaging in activities to eliminate thoughts of suicide are proven to work. In addition, egoists indicate that it is honorable for an individual to act in a manner that makes him happy rather than conform to the societal pressures. However, I believe that one’s happiness is dependent on persons around her. It is impossible to attain complete happiness in a solitary state. Consequently, an individual should consider the effect of his actions on close relations and friends. In the event that a person feels significant pain, that makes his life unbearable, doctors often show mercy by ending life. They often forget to engage in medically acceptable means of addressing pain such as induced coma. My position compares to virtue ethics because it motivates an individual to rise beyond individual and societal needs. It prompts them to focus on the ultimate goal that entails improved health and happiness in the society and entire world. Committing suicide creates an unwanted society that violates stipulated moral ideals. My position is better because it offers alternatives to suicide such as strong societal relations. It also intends to instill discipline and different attitude in the society to view suicide as an existing phenomenon that can be prevented. Yang, as I understand your argument, suicide is acceptable. It appears that your ideas conflict with virtue ethics. It is important that death is bad and evil based on research conducted. One can either choose to preserve the hurt and pain experienced in life or decide to commit suicide. In such a case, one decides to shape his destiny rather than rely on God. It is important that the argument mention the pain that one experiences in case of a medical issue. In such a case, it becomes difficult to foresee any possible solution. The personal example

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