Thursday, August 1, 2019

Art Critque †Mona Lisa Overdose Essay

Using the different elements of art, the artist organized the elements to provoke a feeling of puzzlement and surprise to the audience. The Mona Lisa, being a famous painting, was distorted in a way that it projects a different emotion from the original one. Lorenzana presented the distortion of the proportion and scale of the face of the Mona Lisa in order to evoke a feeling of unsettling disbelief with the visuals of the painting. The change of the Mona Lisa’s face caused a contrast to be present in the artwork. It emphasized the subject’s face and the cigarette presented irony from the original knowledge about the base artwork. Combining all these elements, the artist was able to express the idea of the paining, which is how something clean and subtle, can turn into something mischievous or bizarre. The elements provided the audience a sense of bizarre facial elements on the subject, which caused a subtle, dark, and mysterious tone to be emanated from the painting. Interpretation By Paolo Alilam In this artwork Luis Lorenzana painted a very different Mona Lisa. He depicted a very â€Å"overdosed† Mona Lisa with a stick of cigarette, a bottle of Red Horse, and face with clown-like make up. I think he was just trying to add a little bit of today in something very classic. The normal Mona Lisa shows a very pleasant portrait. Luis Lorenzana’s artworks usually show surrealism or bizarreness. This fact explains this rendition of the Mona Lisa. I think he created this just to show creativity and give people a different taste compared to the usual. Who would imagine Mona Lisa like this anyway? When I look at the artwork I feel a bit weirded-out. For me it’s not such a pleasant artwork. It’s somewhat scary even. But, like I said, he made this artwork just to give people a different taste. â€Å"Do I think there are symbols to the artwork?† Maybe. Maybe Luis Lorenzana likes cigarettes, drinks, and other things like that. Well, I don’t really k now the guy. Another possibility is that when he was painting this he was smoking or drinking. We’ll never know unless we ask him. Judgment By JV Valdez The artwork is a very surrealistic painting. It presents the famous Mona Lisa in some sort of parody in which seems like she’s high on drugs and drunk from drinking â€Å"Red Horse beer†. In my opinion the artist presented a really good distortion of the Mona Lisa. In the original painting of the Mona Lisa she was presented as a demure woman, however the artist distorted that and turned her into a non-conservative drunkard. Based on my personal preferences, I would consider this as a good artwork because I have a preference for artworks that look demented and creepy. However, I don’t think it is an important artwork because I have seen a lot of different artworks trying to do the same distortion with the Mona Lisa as well. I also don’t find the artwork unique in anyway because like I said I have seen other distortions of the Mona Lisa and I view this certain artwork as just one of the many different imitations. All in all I really like this artwork because it has that eerie and demented emotion that it is trying to evoke from viewers, which gives me the creeps every time I look at it.

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