Friday, August 23, 2019

Quantitave methods informal in-depth interviewing Essay

Quantitave methods informal in-depth interviewing - Essay Example It should also be noted that there are different methodologies which are applicable in research methods. The issue of central interest in any matter is always to find a better solution than the existing one; this means that there are some issues that emerge as new in the society and therefore no information exists about them while on the other hand, better approaches are also being studied about issues that are already exist. In other words, the core reference point in any research study is the literature review. Research can either be from primary sources or secondary ones. Primary source research is obtained from initial findings from an original work while secondary are obtained from published materials. Research has never been perfectly done by man due to many challenges and this means that any research work assumed done perfectly still bears some information gap. It should be noted that these issues that have not been captured by past research studies may be vital in providing a lasting solution. Various concepts of research have always been under use but their effectiveness varies from one use to another. The Qualitative Interview Design is the latest research concept which is gaining weight especially in the business world. Informal interviews are a concept of qualitative research. It accords the same opportunity to acquire information just like in any other research method. Its applicability comes even in business management. In normal business operations, the daily occurrences that characterize business operations entail gathering and collecting data. This data is usually relevant in determining the fate of a business in terms of market survey and related factors. Consequently, it is always important to have concise information on the targeted market on what needs to be done in order to succeed in a particular market. Such is a predicament that would warrant carrying out of research. In view of this, informal interview would provide a relatively easier way of evaluating the market before making any business decision. In-depth interview entails asking of questions, listening to the answers and recording them. The researcher can also pose additional questions to clarify or expand on particular issues. In most cases the questions are open ended and this is meant to explore the ideas of the respondents without restriction since this is likely to give a true picture and their real perceptions. This concept is aimed at understanding the clear view of the beneficiaries of a program, there judgement and terminologies. The extent by which the three approaches in in-depth interviewing differ is basically dependent on standardization of the questions and how they are determined. These methods are semi-structured interview, the informal conversational interview and the standardized open-ended interview. Each of these approaches has different instrumentation requirements and preparation besides serving different purposes. Qualitative research design requires in-depth experience with methodology and one of its most important components is the concept of informal interview. Qualitative Interview Design is one of the sources of research in academics where the interviews provide wide information base pertaining to a participant's first hand experience and viewpoints on a specific topic of study. This research methods concept makes the best literature review base since the qualitative interviews provid

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