Monday, August 26, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Macroeconomic Policy and Diversity Conservation Research Paper

Rhetorical Analysis Macroeconomic Policy and Diversity Conservation - Research Paper Example The article may not be emotional in its tone due to the nature of the literature which is academic writing that follows the formal rules of writing, but the topic nevertheless touched on our concern about the environment. It appeals to our sense of responsibility that we have to do something to save our environment from degradation and to do that we should regulate the pollutants emitted by industry. The topic has emotional significance to the readers because the reader is aware how ruined our ecosphere is and how it contributes to global warming. Considering the source of the journal which is EBSCOhost, the article has the assurance of the integrity of its argument to be grounded on sound scientific study having been scrutinized by the stringent academic standard. This was evident with how the author argued on how to regulate the industry by using the government’s macroeconomic tools to regulate the emission of industrial pollutants from an economist point of view. The author wrote with authority to convey that she is an authority on the subject.Being an academic journal, the article posed its appeal to the readers using logic or logos. It reasoned that by taxing heavily industries which pollute, it could encourage business to be ecologically responsible. The variations of the government’s macroeconomic policy which are the fiscal and monetary tools were argued from the point of the reason how the author’s proposal is feasible in controlling industrial pollution.

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