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INTEREIM PROJECT REPORT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

INTEREIM PROJECT REPORT - Essay ExampleWakelyn (49) asserts that the report gives summarized initial findings of the second assessment of the interim determine report which aims at exploring the benefits of the occupational & health safety charge. The project helps the students to apply the management theories to organizational settings such as a business to ensure the swift running of its activities as asserted by Ares (67). The assessment also assists students in applying the management skills in resolving around a management issue. This is done through effective dialogue within the workplace which ensures an environment which nurtures business opportunity among the students (Schwartz 13). Therefore, an interim manager is a person who provides temporary managerial support usually to an executive direct of an organization or business and who also leads in achieving its objectives (Kahlmeter 17). The interim management helps an organization surpass a trouble which might need extr a management resources to control the crisis or transformation in the direction of management. There is a series of test for example clinical trials that can be used to tests and settle the managerial skills in project research and development in order to come up with individuals who are able to generate safety and efficacy in the project report. According to Kahlmeter (20), the interim project report provides an opportunity to present the details of the running of the project. This demonstrates the integration of the project management theory in readiness stages (Christensen 343). This report gives a setailed of a number of assessments that was done during the implementation of the project especially on occupational and health safety management. The report also is a detailed interim of relationships of activities in the Jims company company business such as cleaning background, job functions and safety medical management among others.This report is presented in the business forma t which is submitted to the management team of the organization. The report also varies according to the nature of the project but the report encompasses the following Scope tilt Meyers et al (10) incur it that telescope statement depends on the type of project being implemented and also the nature of the organization and it normally takes many forms. The scope statement normally gives details of the project and it also describes the major objectives of the projects. This is the part of the project report that captures the broader terms and the narrower terms of the products of the project (Schwartz 19). The objectives stated here should have a measurable success criterion that will help in the realization of the projects goals. This part of the interim report normally contains a list of users of the products and the features of the products to be introduced in the market which the business produces (Meyers et al 19). The scope statement of the interim project report contain the project name, the project charter, the project owner, sponsors, stakeholders, the problem statement, the project goals, objectives and among other project requirements. The scope also states

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