Saturday, June 15, 2019

Budget Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Budget - Assignment ExampleThe budget cuts across machinery $27 million, elevate engines $32 million, fire education $10 million, servicing of the existing engines and machinery with the approximate cost $ 5 million, emergency cases among other miscellaneous costs (Ballam, 2013).After reading monotonouss book on which tax revenues are more likely to be budget neutral, I took some interest on capital emolument final cause and the ways to finance the proposed project in governments public sector as per the views of the publication called A Budgeting Guide for Local Government. In order to understand the ways of funding the given project in the capital development plan, one needs to get acquainted with the purpose of the think project(s). The main drive of planning is to match and forecast projected capital and revenues needs over a given time frame, for instance a year, sextuplet months. The capital improvement plan is inclusive of information such as a rocking of the capital pr ojections or equipment intended to be purchased, the priority list for given project, the plan for funding the projects, the defense of the projects, as well as the elaboration of all the expenditures for the given projects (Bland, 2013).The fire departments development plan that needed further analysis is the section concentrating on the financing choices for the project of around $1.3 million. Well-wishers, national government and local government can fund fire services projects using a pay as you use option. In the first option, the government depends on the existing revenue sources to fund different projects in the emergency services, fire department. These revenues get sourced from diversified sources such as current taxes, for example, petroleum taxes for highway developments, grants courts and reserves accumulated over time. When the needs to finance a definite project is more than the present revenue available to fund the project in question,

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