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Changes in Financial Reporting for a Nevada Casino in regards to Essay

Changes in Financial coverage for a Nevada Casino in regards to decree 9A and the SarbanOxley Act - Essay ExampleWith this in mind, it can be stated that the influence of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act adoption in 2002 on the financial report of the Nevada casinos is quite comparable to that of the other public companies. On the contrary, the impact of the Regulation 6A which was put into effect in 1997 was much more specific in nature. two of these legislative acts, however, became two more integral parts of extremely complex regulative environment the gambling industry operates in.The major requirements that explicitly affect the Nevada casinos, at all rate the restrictions on the audit procedures, pension funds blackout periods and restriction on loans to senior management, are corporate responsibility regulations and use of the non-generally accepted accounting principles financial measures in press-releases and reports.The chief operating officer and CFO of each issuer shall prepa re a statement to accompany the audit report to certify the appropriateness of the financial statements and disclosures contained in the periodic report, and that those financial statements and disclosures plum present, in all material respects, the operations and financial condition of the issuer. A violation of this section must be knowing and intentional to give overturn to liability. (AICPA)TheThe issue of the use of non-GAAP financial measures in information releases through mass media or corporate reports is quite important for the casinos because these channels are used not only for communicating data to the investors, but as well for the PR-purposes with the general audience. SEC Regulation G (adopted under 401(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) regulates this issue and provides that the use of non-GAAP financial measures in press releases or other public disclosures must be accompanied by a presentation of, and reconciliation to, the most directly comparable GAAP financial mea sure. (Martin 1)The Regulation 6A named Cash Transactions prohibitions, reporting, and recordkeeping closely addresses, on the other hand, the very characteristic feature of the casino business - the cash transactions. It is part of the Nevadas restrictive system for currency transaction reporting which, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission and State Control Board consists of the followingNGC Regulation 6A adopted January 1997 effective whitethorn 1, 1997 (prior version adopted and effective May 7, 1985). The regulation was amended March 20, 2003 to delete state suspicious transaction reporting requirements and was effective immediately upon adoption. NGC Regulation 6.090 Currency Transaction Reporting Minimum Internal Control Standards (6A MICS). Version 3 required compliance as of May 1, 1997. CPA 6A MICS Compliance Reporting Requirements (CPA 6A MICS Requirements). Version 1 required compliance as of November 1, 1997. Internal Audit Compliance Checklists for Currency Transa ction Reporting. Version 1 required usage for any work performed for fiscal years ended April 30, 2001 and thereafter. (Currency Transaction Reporting 1)The restrictions set by the Regulation 6A on the cash transact

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