Friday, September 27, 2019

The Greatest American President Ever Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Greatest American President Ever - Essay Example Gains in the stock market produced numerous millionaires who advanced the Reagan reign because several people adopted Reagan’s communication styles. The nonviolent downfall of the global communalist union that Reagan formerly condemned as an Evil Empire was a monumental victory in the foreign policy of the U.S. Diplomatic and economic accomplishments notwithstanding, the presidency of Reagan also had its imperfections characterized by the broadening gulf between the ordinary working and rich Americans especially when it came to matters that Reagan could not sufficiently address. Others included certain grave foreign policy bloopers and poor relations amidst races. Regardless of these precincts, Reagan retired with superior approval ratings and numerous Americans consider him amongst the greatest presidents because of his ability to transfer the right information to the citizenr . Perhaps, most significantly is that the powerful ideologies of Reagan continue shaping the contour s of politics in America to the current day. Looking back at the last six decades, Reagan is the influential and important president. Loved by the Republicans and detested by the liberals, Reagan transformed five decade of economic and political orthodoxy on its crown, consequently transforming numerous Americans from Roosevelt Democrats into conservatives by communicating his ideals in a comprehensible manner. Reagan is responsible for the growth and participation of conservatives in American politics (Dunn 93). Reagan’ huge influence on the history of America was partly attributable to proper timing and communication. Similar to Frank Roosevelt, Reagan secured the presidency at a period when a considerable American population felt a profound discontent regarding the state of economy, social order, and politics in the U.S. The economy of the country that had taken pleasure in the great and long periods of sustained prosperity, stalled. Real wages became stationary, stock val ues along with corporate gains reduced. Furthermore, inflation and unemployment soared. Ordinary Americans who expected constant increase of their living standards instead encountered rising unemployment, higher prices, and falling wages. The American population had to stomach the painful end of the Vietnam War that eventually ended with the defeat of the U.S. Additionally, underlying cultural conflicts unchecked by the counter-cultural social revolutions became manifest. As such, bitter racial animosity propelled by the policies of the government on affirmative action and school desegregation spread in the South affecting the nation (Dunn 136). The challenges in the social arena, military, and economic impediments affected the country making it seem that the United States was facing several difficulties. At the conclusion of the 1970 period, profound dissatisfaction with life in the U.S. led to transformation. The foundation principles that had regulated the politics of the United States following the establishment of Roosevelt’s New Deal Order appeared unsuccessful. American citizens were prepared to attempt something fundamentally different. Consequently, that marked an opportune ascent of Reagan who preached an optimistic conservative populism doctrine that essentially realigned the politics of U.S. The subsequent Reagan Revolution enhanced a conservative domination period of the social order and American politics that would precede a generation (Dunn

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