Saturday, September 7, 2019

Assignment 1-5-3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assignment 1-5-3 - Essay Example Issues like marketing, making information available, the value of a web-page, and maintaining quality online interaction with the audience are addressed in detail. The importance of a global presence in today’s markets is underlined and the value for both, small and large businesses is elaborated upon. The organizations that are reviewed by the book are case studies that exemplify the way in which the internet can become the most powerful tool in an organization’s artillery given the global conditions of most markets. Ghosh, S., (1999). Making business sense of the internet. In William Andrews Sahlman (Ed.) The entrepreneurial venture: Readings selected. Ed. 2. (101 – 116). Harvard Business Press This chapter from ‘The entrepreneurial venture’ is designed to aid a start-up or an entrepreneur to use the internet as a tool to enhance the venture. Entrepreneurial businesses are often unique in their products and services, but lack the visibility to capt ure a significant share of the market. Given the business climate, global visibility, and distinct visibility are the hallmarks of a business that does survive the competition that can be extremely threatening to a young business that is yet to garner loyal consumers.

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