Saturday, September 14, 2019

Terrorism Essay

Many people regard war as the only solution to coo interact terrorism, but there are others that disagree. In this essay I will be discussing and comparing the o option of war to alternative options that can replace it. The first two options both involved the military. Option one involved using nit elegance to locate and bomb terrorist training camps, and option two was to take over or destabilize governments that are sympathetic to the terrorist by sending in trained troop s. In comparing this to war noticed that these options are actually quite similar.By bombing the terrorist camps this would cause them to retaliate, and the end result would be a war. Option TV&'0 would also end up as a war because after your troops have invaded the count rye the country would fight back causing you to have to train more troops to send into battle. Options 3 and 4 are focused on inward focus meaning not getting involved in any issues abroad and focusing on why terrorists would attack you? These tw o pop actions are much better because there would be no war unless the terrorists attacked first.Wit h no war there would be no dead soldiers which would in turn boost the economy because t here would be more workers. Options 5 and 6 involve outreach, meaning that instead of going to war we wow old contact and find out what the terrorists want. This outreach would also involve e developing relationships with different communities in our own country and elsewhere. B lid inning these relationships with other countries would help us form stronger bonds with to hers. Thus we would become less of a target for terrorists.

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