Sunday, April 28, 2019

Willow Garage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Willow Garage - analyse ExampleAmong the positive values that early(a) companies should emulate is sharing information as well as not concentrating on monetary gains. This way such companies remain productive and relevant, which in turn increases their consumer topic relating to more profits.There is a common clich that knowledge is power, and information not shargond is useless. This, in my opinion, is the hoy that guided the Willow Garage in its endeavors. The company availed ROS, which was associated with a library of information and tools that equip other researchers with the necessary software needed to develop robot applications. In addition, ROS also provided visualizers, device drivers, package precaution and message-passing that facilitated engineers understanding of video, 3D data and camera (Tobe, 2011). By availing this information, other robotics researchers are able to build arrive at from the companys foundation, as opposed to starting their research work afresh (Ashlee, 2014). In so doing, Willow garage emerges as the greater party compared to other companies. This is because it shares its findings with the world. In other words, it is more relate with the advancement of robotics for the benefit of the world than building its own name. Furthermore, the work of the company is not lost as other researchers carry on with it. Similarly, companies should share their work and findings with others so that in the occurrence of any number leading to shutting down of the company, others can continue their legacy.Most businesses are profit-oriented. Because of this, most of their dealings are quantitative as opposed to qualitative. Such businesses do not care much about prime(prenominal) of their products and services. Moreover, their dealings are often confidential so that their competitors do not get wind of their work. In cases where they avail some of their information, there is always a cost involved. This is contrary to Willow Garages

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