Saturday, April 27, 2019

The bad effects of illegal immigration in the usa Speech or Presentation

The bad effects of illegal immigration in the usa - Speech or Presentation ExampleIn 1882, death chair Chester A. Arthur banned almost all Chinese immigrants, paupers, criminals and mentally ill from entering the USA. This was the first time a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants was made and regulated. Moving on we see that Since the Immigration and Nationality numeral of 1965, Congress has passed seven amnesties. Some of these include the Immigration and Reform Act (IRCA), in 1986 which serves as a blanket amnesty for over 2.7 million illegal aliens. The second passed in 1994, Section 245(i) Amnesty, which was a jury-rigged rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens and extension of this, was added in 1997. The HRIFA 1998 and Life act Amnesty 2000. Despite Americans opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty, open border advocates are pressuring President Barack Obama to pass yet another crowd together amnesty for illegal aliens (End Illegal Immigration, 2011). Americans of all backgrounds are still seriously concerned about the shun impact of illegal immigration, such as with the number of bankrupted hospitals, overcrowded schools, and increased crime. Taxpayers pay dearly for this, illustrating the high toll of so-called cheap labor for some unscrupulous employers and their political allies who for decades have watered bolt down immigration laws.

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