Friday, April 26, 2019

MD3 Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MD3 Assignment 1 - Essay ExampleHe is audible and this is proved by the fact that the earshot respond to the speech by clapping and cheering when he talks well-nigh an important point. He maintains eye contact with the audience during the speech, and pauses he makes while delivering his speech and his vocal expressions atomic number 18 excellent. He makes use of gestures and facial expressions to deliver his message of pain that he feels because of the discrimination directed to the disastrous society.His introduction is excellent as he explains the main points he is going to deliver during the speech, which is discrimination against the caustic people. His main points are easily identifiable as he raises his tone while delivering the main points of his interchange and pauses to get a reaction of the audience. The speech is properly organized as it starts with the main idea so it is followed by complaints or the current situation and finally ends with what has to be done to ens ure that all prepossession against the black people is eliminated in the American society. He uses supportive evidence by naming states where racism has been practiced and concludes that he has a dream that one day everyone will be able to figure together as brothers irrespective of skin color. It is evident that the speech is received well by the audience since they respond by cheering and clapping throughout the speech.By doing this exercise I have learnt that a speech has to be arranged chronologically and presented in a way that the audiences are able to back the message being passed. I have learnt that the speed of delivering a speech needs to be at a rate that the audience will be able to relate and join in so that delivery is

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