Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nausicca :: History

Nausicca NAUSICAA; HOMER ‘THE ODYSSEY’ BOOK VI INTRODUCTION A close look at book V1 and others in Homers Odyssey may lead us to this observation. Far be it from one to lay blame at the door of a Goddess but as far as Nausicaa is concerned surely Athena did contribute by leading the poor girl on to believe that Odysseus was ‘The One’, she was to marry. This will be taken into account as we look in more depth at the poem. Virgil acquaints us with similar facts in his book The Aneaid whose content look at Aeneas abandoning Dido at the instigation of the gods, infact Virgil’s work is classically dubbed as a conscious effort to imitate Homer. We should also look at the myth of Theseus and Ariadne for comparison when Ariadne aided Theseus, as did Nausicaa aid Odysseus, these two stories feature abandonment at the instigation of Athena and Aphrodite. Abandonment as a theme can be looked at certainly, along with the god’s interference in the affairs of men. C.M Bowra the late eminent author and professor of poetry (wadham c ollege 1946-51) puts to us that â€Å"Despite her early hopes Nausicaa is left with only the consolation that after all she saved Odysseus and that he will remember it†. Which along with the afore mentioned themes we will discuss. THE MEETING This part of the Odyssey begins with Athena appearing to the sleeping Princess having a beautiful dream convincing her that all too soon her wedding day will be upon her. It is clearly assumed by Nausicaa that this is all real because the god’s wouldn’t lie! Athena arrives in disguise of Dymas whom Nausicaa has affection for, a ploy by Athena to gain trust from the innocent Nausicaa who would then not question the content of her dream. Homer tells us that Athena insists she prepare for her ‘wedding’ by going outside the city to the river with her maids to clean and prepare her trusso. Homer lets us know that Athena is all too aware of the sleeping shipwrecked Odysseus in need of rescue. Nausicaa probably for her naivetà © and youth is the chosen subject to assist the rescue of this man. Odysseus is discovered after a ball the maidens play with lands near him. Nausicaa discovers the partially naked man and again Athena interrupts the proceedings by placing ‘courage’ in her heart to face this bedraggled spectacle of a man without fear.

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