Friday, November 1, 2019

Leader Ship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Leader Ship - Essay Example It is very important for any leader to understand what motivates him/her or his/her co-workers (19-21). As a leader I am privileged to poses empathy skills; the ability that helps understand other people’s perceptions and feelings by putting one ‘self in their shoes. It has also helped me understand how change will affect people, and as such helping in making informed decision before making any changes. The other strong leadership skill that I possess is social skills; a very important skill that has enabled me to socialize with other people including my colleagues. Usually, I take interest in my subject’s and colleagues interests including their loved ones and families since they are critical in their lives. There are certain sets of leadership skills that I wish to develop. First, I would wish to develop skills in teaching and coaching since it is very important for a leader to be concerned with the growth and development of his followers or subjects (Leatherman 77). I also wish to develop delegating skills which ideal in understand how to best delegate duties to my co-workers. This is important since it helps create a more confident and comfortable relationship my followers (Leatherman

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