Friday, October 18, 2019

Writing process before this class vs this class now Essay

Writing process before this class vs this class now - Essay Example Army, it was time for me to make life out of myself. In particular, this is the time when I had the opportunity to strive for higher education which I did not acquire while I was young. However, the experience in the first assignment on my memoir meant that I needed to acquire more knowledge in English if at all I was to become an orator and a respectable person in society. In this assignment, I only managed to get a C. This was because by writing neither reflected nor followed any of the process/rules of writing. In fact, my writing was not organized, had grammar, spelling and typo errors. Despite the challenges I went through in the first assignment on English 080 class, I encouraged myself and joined the English 090 class with the hope of turning the tables round. In this class we had to take the second assignment on writing a personal interview with my grandfather Thomas Clement II on CSM F despite not having done such. Although in this interview I had made a little improvement in my English, I only managed to get a C. Such poor performance resulted from the fact that despite having improved in my English, I had not achieved much on formatting the final written product. As such, I made proofreading errors which left my final paper with obvious clumsy and inappropriate wording and writing. As the saying goes, through determination and focus one can achieve much. I realized a big improvement in my English after taking my third assignment on â€Å"the importance of securing the boarder on US Safety and Security†. This was evidenced by a rise from a grade C to B+. To me, this was a great metamorphosis which could not be attributed to the fact that the assignment was on my experience as a U.S. Army officer, but on the fact that I had learnt a few tricks about the process and the rules of English writing in the course of my learning and my determination to correct the mistakes made on the previous in my next assignment. It is evident that effective

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