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Ryan Lambright, euphonium Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ryan Lambright, euphonium - Essay Example This university is famous as it enhances the qualities of a true musician and brings the best out of them. On October 15th, 2011, at 7:00 p.m., a concert was help in which Mr. Ryan Lambright presented his Senior Euphonium Recital. He played the music of George Frideric Handel. G.F. Handel was a British-German composer and a very famous musician of the eighteenth century. He was mainly famous for operas. Apart from operas his musical works such as anthems, oratorios and organ concerts also used to be his specialties. He was mainly influenced by the Italian and middle-German music. Another kind of music that was played by Mr. Lambright was Gordon Jacob. Gordon Jacob was a dedicated English musician of the twentieth century and was quite famous for his instructional writings and composing. The third style of music played by Mr. Lambright was James Barnes, an American musician of the twentieth century. James Barnes is indubitably a versatile musician but, is most famous for his orchestra. The last style that was played by Mr. Lambright was of James Niblock. He is an eminent musician and a di rector and instructor of choral and the vocal activities in the Colgate University. (Bohnet). The piano was handled by Dr. Robert Holm and Dr. Laura Moore handled a wide range of corals. Dr. Robert Holm is an exuberant professor of piano at the University of South Alabama, Department of Music. He is an excellent piano teacher and instructor, who also used to be the president of the ‘Mobile Music Teachers Association’. (Dr. Robert Holm) The concert went really well with all the professional and dexterous faculty of the University. Majority enjoyed it, though the teenagers got a bit bored as the style and the theme of such music does not match the mood of the youth. Still it was amazing and the fame, as usual was beyond description, just like all the other stage performances arranged by the University of

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