Friday, July 26, 2019

O2 Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

O2 - Dissertation Example 59-71). The historical evidences reveal the fact that O2 is not a very old brand; rather it initiated its operations during the decade of 80s, and was a subsidiary of a joint venture of two leading organizations. However, O2 came to existence in the early years of twenty first century as an outcome of splitting of the joint venture of two organizations (European Telecom, 2003, pp. 18-20). Although a Spanish company acquired and took over O2 and expanded the operations to European telecommunication market as well, O2 retained its origins (headquarter) in UK only. O2 did not only expand its business to other parts of Europe but also focused on extending its functional units within the industry and entered into the financial service industry (Sherwood, 2011). From the analysis of the marketing tactics of O2, it has come to observation that they have changed their slogans from time to time, which they consider it as revitalizing the brand in front of their customers (Telefonica UK Limite d, 2011). On the other hand, the major competitor of O2 that is Everything Everywhere, which comes under consideration as the giant and number one telecommunication brand of UK mull over the fact that they have their marketing as their key positive aspects and the reason of their position in the UK market. Moreover, Everything Everywhere works with a vision â€Å"to give the UK the best network and best service so that our customers trust us with their digital lives† (Everything Everywhere, 2012). However, O2 believes that if they bring further enhancements and progressions in their marketing strategies, it would provide strong basis for them to fight and compete against their main competitor (Huet, Tcheng and Galliot, 2010, pp. 152-153). The sales of the products or services of a company play a major role in deciding the success or the failure of the organization, which means that the sales of the organization is dependent upon how the company market its products and service s. It has even come to notice that O2 has not come under extensive research on the perspective of marketing that can provide the company with recommendations and proposals to improve their ways of alluring the people and convincing them to switch over to O2 telecommunications. The only information about the marketing strategies available is via published news (Telefonica UK Limited, 2011). The following research report intends to have a comprehensive study and analysis about the marketing strategies that O2 is currently using for attracting the customers in general. Based on these strategies, the thesis report would incorporate a wide range of marketing plans and policies that O2 can exercise so that they can gain the maximum share of the market and become the leading company within the telecommunication industry. The recommendations would also be a guideline for other telecommunication companies whether in UK or anywhere else in the world that they can employ in order to gain compe titive edge over others present

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