Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Marketing research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing - Research Proposal Example As an organization that targets products and services regular research is always necessary (Zeithami et al 1990, p. 53). The research will inform of the interests of customers and the situation within the relevant market (McQuarrie 2006, p. ix). With the decline in sales, market research is particularly important as there is uncertainty relative to the market situation and customer interests and habits increases (McQuarrie 2006, p. ix). Market research will determine the utility of introducing new products or for changing existing products or services so that they correspond with customer trends, interests and preferences (Bartels et al 2002, p. 285). Stephen’s management will have to make a research design that corresponds with budget and within their restrictions (Avasarikar et al 2007, p. 2.24). It will be necessary to negotiate for a practical budget in advance of the marketing research. However, the research problem must be unambiguously identified before negotiating for a workable budget. When the research problem is defined clearly, researchers, management and marketing consultants can more clearly define and assign roles prior to the start of research and this will reduce the obstacles implicit in conflicting goals, strategies and approaches relative to the research (Avasarikar et al 2007, p. 2.24).

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